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LASCAREL21CFR1LCD EL-21CFR-1-LCD 21CFR-Compatible Temperature Data Logger with LCD75,00 € Buy Now
LASCAREL21CFR2LCD EL-21CFR-2-LCD 21CFR-Compatible Temperature, Humidity & Dew Poin89,00 € Buy Now
LASCAREL21CFRTPLCD EL-21CFR-TP-LCD 21CFR-Compatible Temperature Probe Data Logger w101,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELBT2 EL-BT-2 Bluetooth Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring149,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELCC1 EL-CC-1 Cold Chain Data Logging Solutions17,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELCC1 EL-CC-2 Single Use Chilled Goods Temp & RH Logger with Alarm18,50 € Buy Now
LASCARELDATAPAD EL-DataPad for EL-USB109,85 € Buy Now
LASCARELEPTC EL-EnviroPad-TC Thermometer with Inbuilt Data Logging & Graphing122,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELGFX1 EL-GFX-1 Temperature Data Logger with Graphic LCD Screen99,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELGFX2 EL-GFX-2 Temperature and Relative Humidity Data Logger with Grap109,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELGFXDTC EL-GFX-DTC Dual Channel Thermocouple Data Logger with Graphic Sc135,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELGFXDTPG EL-GFX-DTP-G Dual Channel Data Logger with Thermistor Glycol Pro299,00 € Buy Now
LASCAREL-MOTE-DTC EL-MOTE-DTC Wireless Dual Channel Thermocouple Data Logger183,00 € Buy Now
LASCAREL-MOTE-DTP EL-MOTE-DTP Dual Channel Wireless Thermistor Data Logger141,00 € Buy Now
LASCAREL-MOTE-DTP+ EL-MOTE-DTP+ Wireless High Accuracy T Logger with Dual Probes192,00 € Buy Now
LASCAREL-MOTE-T EL-MOTE-T Wireless Temperature Data Logger80,00 € Buy Now
LASCAREL-MOTE-T+ EL-MOTE-T+ High Accuracy Wireless Temperature Data Logger101,00 € Buy Now
LASCAREL-MOTE-TC EL-MOTE-TC Wireless Thermocouple Data Logger148,00 € Buy Now
LASCAREL-MOTE-TH EL-MOTE-TH Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger111,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELMOTETH+ EL-MOTE-TH+ Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger138,00 € Buy Now

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