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SRI Portable interface for TempStick[SRI]

SRI Portable interface for TempStick[SRI]

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The SRI (Starter&Reader Interface) is a portable device for programming and reading the TempSticks, the miniaturized temperature dataloggers. Equipped with a graphic and alphanumeric display, allows, after being programmed using a PC, to start the TempSticks for any data logging mission. The same interface may then be used to download the data from TempStick and/or to view the acquisition in graphical or tabular form directly on the display. There is more: Starter&Reader Interface has sufficient memory capacity to store over 300 missions. They may be downloaded later to a PC via its USB connection, to be then stored in a database.

The Starter&Reader Interface, in combination with the TempSticks, is particularly suited for monitoring products during temperature controlled transports. Operators in logistics need to to know instantly whether the transport has been carried out correctly or not, both when sending or when receiving goods. However, in many centers it may be difficult to find a PC at hand: that's where the portable interface helps.

 The Starter&Reader Interface will automatically calculate the MKT for the transport mission and display whether the shipment should be accepted or not. By using the MKT formula in its Validation Criteria for transports, Tecnosoft has tackled the traditional control methods, based solely on conservation thresholds, as they do not provide precise and complete informations. You can set sevral parameters and the interface calculates for you the MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature) using a standard international formula: learn more about it by downloading the tutorial from the Reserved Area. There is no need to analyze the data for every acquisition, savings are secured, as trained personnel is no longer required to be on site upon arrival of the goods. This process is time and cost saving.

The Starter&Reader Interface is supplied with replaceable batteries, it is compact, robust and easy to use: it simplifies the task whilst improving product quality.


■start missions for transport monitoring;

■immediate data anlysis when goods are delivered;

■real time environment monitoring;

■real time monitoring of devices like fridges.



110 X 68 X 27 hh (mm)


USB, TempStick






TempStick, TempStick Probe


- clock
- datalogger programming and download
- saved missions browsing

MKT and Profiles

Data evaluation according to the MKT and the programmed profile. Many profiles can be stored on the SRI and managed under different levels and labels


Stores up to 300 compelte missions from the TempSticks


Graphic and alphanumeric, shows graph and table, info and statistichs


2 X 1,5 V batteries, user repleaceable, 2 years life with standard use

Other features

- low battery alarm led
- 6 keys keyboard: ESC, OK, 4 directional keys