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COLDTAINER F0140L AuO Mobile Refrigerted Unit[F0140L AuO]

COLDTAINER F0140L AuO Mobile Refrigerted Unit[F0140L AuO]

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Continuous cold chain for professionals with buil-in battery

Ideal portable models for the professional transport of samples or products of high value. Top loader opening. Digital display, HACCP / Bluetooth interface for remote control available as an accessory. Special version with built-in rechargeable battery. Ideal for use on electric vehicles.

FDN versions for the transport of fresh or frozen products. FDH versions with automatic hot / cold system for the transport of pharmaceutical and biological products in all environmental conditions. Constant maintenance of the set temperature, with a correct distribution of the air flow inside the unit, regardless of the ambient temperature, as per GDP provisions.

Models availabe:

NDN F0140L AuO to 0°C
NDH F0140L AuO from +30°C to 0°C
FDN F0140L AuO to -21°C
FDH F0140L AuO from +30°C to - 21°C


Shelfs ....

Volume: 140 litres

External dimensions:620*1000*800mm