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Titan S8 Data Logger MADGETECHTitan 8S Titan S8 Data Logger1.099,00 € Buy Now
Temp1000Ex Temperature Datalogger MADGETECHTemp1000Ex Temp1000Ex Temperature Datalogger452,00 € Buy Now
RHTemp1000Ex Humidity and Temperature Datalogger MADGETECHRHTemp1000Ex RHTemp1000Ex Humidity and Temperature Datalogger618,00 € Buy Now
RTDTempX4 Data Logger MADGETECHRTDTempX4 RTDTempX4 Data Logger530,00 € Buy Now
QuadTemp2000 Data Logger MADGETECHQT2000 QuadTemp2000 Data Logger570,92 € Buy Now
OctTemp2000 Data Logger MADGETECHOT2000 OctTemp2000 Data Logger1.102,54 € Buy Now
ThermoVaultX8 Data Logger MADGETECHThermoVaultX ThermoVaultX8 Data Logger1.566,00 € Buy Now
HiTemp140 Data Logger MADGETECHHT140 HiTemp140 Data Logger453,46 € Buy Now
HiTemp140-PT Data Logger MADGETECHHT140PT HiTemp140-PT Data Logger453,46 € Buy Now
HiTemp140-TSK Data Logger MADGETECHHT140TSK HiTemp140-TSK Data Logger496,08 € Buy Now
HiTemp140-PT-TSK Data Logger MADGETECHHT140TSKPT HiTemp140-PT-TSK Data Logger496,08 € Buy Now
Temp101A Data Logger MADGETECHT101A Temp101A Data Logger95,00 € Buy Now
RTDTemp101A Data Logger MADGETECHRTD101A RTDTemp101A Data Logger150,00 € Buy Now
TC101A Data Logger MADGETECHTC101A TC101A Data Logger128,00 € Buy Now
Cryo-Temp Data Logger MADGETECHCYT Cryo-Temp Data Logger195,00 € Buy Now
CTL2000 Data Logger MADGETECHCLT2000 CTL2000 Data Logger1.490,00 € Buy Now
EggTemp Data Logger MADGETECHEGGT EggTemp Data Logger128,00 € Buy Now
ETR101A Data Logger Exhaust Temperature Profiling Kit MADGETECHETR101A ETR101A Data Logger Exhaust Temperature Profiling Kit240,77 € Buy Now
IRTC101A Data Logger MADGETECHIRTC101A IRTC101A Data Logger302,00 € Buy Now
MicroTemp Data Logger MADGETECHMT MicroTemp Data Logger190,00 € Buy Now

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