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Temp NFC Temperature Datalogger multi use[TEMPNFCM]

Temp NFC Temperature Datalogger multi use[TEMPNFCM]

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You can now manage temperature monitoring using a Smartphone or a Tablet and INSTANTLY share the readings you downloaded.

This is TempNFC from Tecnosoft, temperature data logger for transports and cold chain monitoring, available in 3 versions:

- TempNFC: reprogrammable data logger reusable with no limits;

- TempNFC Single Use: disposable data logger;

- TempNFC Calib: reprogrammable data logger till calibration expiration date, reactivable with the recalibration, to be sure you don't use not calibrated devices.

Download the App, manage your loggers, share the information and focus only on your tasks.


- Temperature controlled shipping

- Ambients, fridges and cold rooms


- Start and download using NFC enabled Android devices (App on Google Play)

- Long life battery enclosed; 10 year shelf life in standby

- Manual start option by means of the Start button

- Mission status LED and button (running, stopped, OK, alarm)

- Real time checks against alarm thresholds and transport duration; MKT calculation is done on the App

- Bar Code and QR Code scan of the items being monitored in the shipment

- Geolocalization of the start and stop positions, saved with the mission data

- View Readings in graphical or tabular format

- Create mission templates to quickly start the devices, without entering settings every time

- Additional Information: sender, receiver, operator, notes etc.

- Automatically send PDF reports to the email address set by the person sending the goods

- Synchronization with the Tecnosoft Cloud

- Optional Accredia (NIST equivalent) traceable calibration certificate on one or more calibration points


Type TempNFC Single Use TempNFC TempNFC Calib

Dimensions 60 X 15 X 73 mm (W x H x L) (L = 90 mm including the eyelet)

Temperature range -30°C ÷ 60°C

Temperature resolution 0.01° C

Temperature accuracy ± 0.5°C excluding certificate; ± 0,2°C including Accredia traceable certificate

Memory 3912 acquisitions (this may diminish according to the amount of notes/additional info)

Acquisition rate From 1 second up (in steps of 1 second)

Start/Stop Start: Immediate, delayed or manual (via button) / Stop: via App or after preset duration

Battery life 10 years shelf life 3 millions of acquisitions or 10 years (if LED are in function life

might be shorter)

Communications/Buttons NFC; start button, status button, 2 LEDs for status and alarm notification

Protection degree IP65

Compliant with CE, FCC, RoHS, RAEE

Android App – general features

Data management Data stored in internal memory, SD Card, Dropbox; share via email

Data display Graph, table, mission parameter summary, PDF 

Information input Via display keyboard, voice, Barcode/QR Code reader