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EL-WiFi-Alert Sensor Monitoring System[EL-WiFi-Al]

EL-WiFi-Alert Sensor Monitoring System[EL-WiFi-Al]

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The EL-WiFi-Alert is a dedicated alert unit that picks up alarm messages from any EL-WiFi sensor within WiFi range. It displays and sounds that an alarm has been triggered. It will also send an email message to a chosen contact(s)/administrator which the user will have set up as part of the product configuration. Once the contact has been alerted to an alarm being triggered, they can analyse data further using the free software package available from already installed on their PC.

During configuration the EL-WiFi-Alert will search for an existing wireless network whilst physically connected to the PC. It can then be placed anywhere within range of the network. The unit helps the user to locate it within range of a router through the use of audible sounds – a beeping range indicator. It will then communicate to the router independently without needing the PC but the alert unit and the sensor must be in range of the router and the router must be UPS. The range of the alert unit and sensors can be increased by using WiFi extenders.

The alert will be visual (flashing unit) and audible (speaker). One or both of these can be disabled if required. In a scenario when there are various alert units in operation (there may be several dotted around a manufacturing site so that the alert can be seen or heard easily) then one of these units is selected as the chief unit so that only one set of alert messages are sent to the administrator(s). There is only one standard audible sound, but the user can personalize this with a wave file if they wish. The audible sound can be turned off by pushing the button on the alert once and/or via the software.

The EL-WiFi-Alert will be permanently powered by mains. Communicating alert messages uses a significant amount of power in the low powered battery sensors, so using the alert unit will increase the battery life of sensors. There is also an internal battery so that the unit can still be operational when mains power outage occurs and so that the unit is operational whilst trying to locate the position of the unit. Each alert unit is provided with a mains USB adapter and USB lead. As it’s permanently charged the bung isn’t required so this will be a different design to the sensors.

A wall bracket will be used so the unit can be displayed at a convenient eye level, rather than at mains plug level. This can be screwed onto a wall or flat surface in which the sensor clips into.

The software will include volume control for the unit. The alert will appear as an individual unit with it’s own image, set of properties etc. on the software like any other EL-WiFi sensor.

  •  Dedicated alert unit that works at all times, this includes when the PC is turned off
  • Communicates alert messages from any EL-WiFi sensor
  • Messages sent via email
  • Mains alert – user can also be notified in the event of mains power outage/failure
  • Audible alarm using a speaker
  • Flashing red LED's light up the unit through transparent rear moulding
  • Wireless connectivity to EL-WiFi sensor(s)
  • Easy set-up using free PC software application (downloadable from the Corintech website)
  • Powered by mains
  • Internal back-up battery (for positioning unit and to cover mains power failure)
  • WiFi range indicator communicated to user with sound bleeper (at this point PC will need to be running)
  • USB port used for set-up and permanent connection to mains power supply
  • Wall bracket
  • USB mains charger
  • Will connect to an extender router (Alert must always be in range of router not sensor)
  • Ability to assign specific sensors to Alert module

Note: this is not an alarm safety device