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Product ImageManufacturerModelProduct NamePriceBuy Now
LASCAREL-WiFi-Al EL-WiFi-Alert Sensor Monitoring System130,75 € Buy Now
LASCAREL-MOTE-TC EL-MOTE-TC Wireless Thermocouple Data Logger148,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELWIFITC EL-WiFi-TC Thermocouple Temperature Data Logging Sensor138,38 € Buy Now
LASCARELDATAPAD EL-DataPad for EL-USB109,85 € Buy Now
LASCARELWCFRTC EL-WiFi-21CFR-TC Thermocouple Data Logger162,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSB1 EL-USB-1 Temperature Datalogger42,52 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSB1LCD EL-USB-1-LCD Temperature Datalogger57,81 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSB1RCG EL-USB-1-RCG Temperature Datalogger100,08 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSB1PRO EL-USB-1-PRO Temperature Datalogger112,88 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSBTC EL-USB-TC Temperature Datalogger46,42 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSBTCLCD EL-USB-TC-LCD Temperature Datalogger64,86 € Buy Now
LASCARELCC1 EL-CC-2 Single Use Chilled Goods Temp & RH Logger with Alarm18,50 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSBLITE EL-USB-LITE Temperature Datalogger24,63 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSB2 EL-USB-2 Temperature & Humidity Datalogger59,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSB2+ EL-USB-2+ Temperature & Humidity Datalogger69,28 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSB2LCD EL-USB-2-LCD Temperature & Humidity Datalogger73,14 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSB2LCD+ EL-USB-2-LCD+ Temperature & Humidity Datalogger85,99 € Buy Now
LASCARELUSBRT EL-USB-RT Temperature & Humidity Datalogger46,00 € Buy Now
LASCARELUS3 EL-USB-3 Voltage USB Data Logger49,40 € Buy Now

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