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EL-CC-1 Cold Chain Data Logging Solutions[ELCC1]

EL-CC-1 Cold Chain Data Logging Solutions[ELCC1]

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Each of the three Cold Chain loggers comes pre-configured for use in your particular application - simply press the button to start logging. During a logging session, pressing the button will light up the status LEDs to give a quick indication as to whether the temperature has exceeded an alarm condition at any point. Once your session has been completed, tear open the IP67-rated plastic wallet to reveal the USB connector and plug it in to your PC. Use the free EasyLog CC software for Windows to download and graph the data, and then prime your logger for its next use.

The EL-CC-1 comes with three options for the preset alarm thresholds:

EL-CC-1-001 - Chilled Goods Alarms: High 8°C, Low 2°C
EL-CC-1-002 - Frozen Goods Alarms: High -16°C, Low -20°C
EL-CC-1-003 - Ripening Goods Alarms: High 14°C, Low 12°C

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  • 3 data loggers for monitoring Chilled Goods, Frozen Goods and Ripening Goods
  • No set-up required. One button press-to-start logging
  • Pre-configured with appropriate sample rates and alarm thresholds for each application
  • Reusable with 12+ months battery life
  • Various export options including PDF, Microsoft Excel and JPEG