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EL-MOTE-TC Wireless Thermocouple Data Logger[EL-MOTE-TC]

EL-MOTE-TC Wireless Thermocouple Data Logger[EL-MOTE-TC]

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The EL-MOTE-TC is a Cloud-enabled, wireless data logger, designed to monitor temperature in a large range of indoor and outdoor applications. EasyLog Cloud harnesses the power of IoT to automate data logging and alert notifications - perfect for both compact systems with just a few sensor requirements to corporate solutions with thousands of devices around the globe.  

  • Alarm functions include a built in sounder and LED
  • Quick, wireless App based configuration
  • Stores data internally if device loses WiFi connection and automatically uploads it to the Cloud once reconnected
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Industry leading 2 years battery life

Your Data. Anytime. Anywhere.

iew them using your Internet Browser or EasyLog Cloud App. The EasyLog Cloud offers u


Measurement Range K Type (provided)
0 to 200°C
32 to 392°F
Measurement Range K Type
-200 to 1,300°C
-328 to 2,372°F
Measurement Range J Type
-200 to 1,190°C
-328 to 2,174°F
Measurement Range T Type
-200 to 390°C
-328 to 734°F
Typical Accuracy
Battery Life
Up to 2 years
4 x 1.5V AA cells
93 x 93 x 32mm
3.7 x 3.7 x 1.3"
Probe Cable Length