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Product ImageManufacturerModelProduct NamePriceBuy Now
HW GroupHWgSTE HWg-STE Ethernet thermometer & hydrometer150,00 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWgSTEPoE HWg-STE PoE Ethernet thermometer & hydrometer170,00 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWgSTE2 HWg-STE 2 WiFi & Ethernet thermometer & hydrometer192,00 € Buy Now
HW GroupP2250 Poseidon 2250 SNMP monitoring & data logger430,00 € Buy Now
HW GroupP23266 Poseidon2 3266 SNMP Thermometer Hygrometer & Dry Contact309,40 € Buy Now
HW GroupP3268 Poseidon2 3268 WEB thermometer & I/O with SNMP420,21 € Buy Now
HW GroupP4002 Poseidon2 4002 Rack mount environment monitoring609,92 € Buy Now
HW GroupP3468 Poseidon2 3468 IP Thermostat with 230V relays420,80 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWg-WLD HWg-WLD Water leak detector260,22 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWg-WLDPoE HWg-WLD PoE Water leak detector300,18 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWg-Ares12 HWg-Ares12 T set GSM Thermometer with E-mail and SMS alerts412,16 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWg-PWR HWg-PWR 3 M-Bus IP energy meter320,72 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWg-PWR3 HWg-PWR3 M-Bus IP energy meter320,00 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWg-PWR12 HWg-PWR12 M-Bus IP energy meter350,00 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWg-PWR25 HWg-PWR25 M-Bus IP energy meter1.420,34 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWg-SH1 HWg-SH1 H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle189,00 € Buy Now
HW GroupTemp-1Wire Temperature Sensor Temp-1Wire36,54 € Buy Now
HW GroupUDP UDP Config utilityQuotation Buy Now
HW GroupHWgPDMS8 HWg-PDMS 8 IP sensors monitoring software122,50 € Buy Now
HW GroupHWgPDMS20 HWg-PDMS 20 IP sensors monitoring software227,00 € Buy Now

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